The best things to do in Houston

best things to do in houston today

If you’re not sure what you want to do, scroll through and check out some of the best things to do in Houston. There are things to do in Houston everything of the week, in just about every neighborhood, and for any price point. If you’re looking for a night out with your partner, or you need something to do with your kids, look no further. This list of the best things to do in Houston will get you exactly where you need to be.

Things to do in Houston for Couples

It can be tough finding new things to do in Houston for couples. It’s also really hard to categorize what couples in Houston like to do. So this is kind of a hodgepodge of different things that can be fun for just about everyone. Happy hours, farmers markets, art galleries, the National Funeral History Museum… You know, whatever you’re into.

Things to do outside in Houston

If you’ve got it in you to brave our incredible¬†weather, there are plenty of things to do outside in Houston. We’ve got the zoo, nature centers, protected wetlands, bike tours, boat tours, whatever you’d like! The downside however, is getting out of the comfort of your overly air conditioned house and into the steam room that is Houston.

Things to do with kids in Houston

If you’re having a tough time trying to occupy your kids time before they fall asleep and give you a break, there are so many things to do with kids in Houston! There’s story time in the garden, the girl scout museum, water parks, the zoo, the children’s museum, and so much more! There are so many things to do with kids in Houston that they should never drive you crazy again!

Best happy hour Houston

There are so many places that you can go for a drink here. I’m scouring through to find all of the happy hour Houston has to offer. All day happy hour, reverse happy hour, and everything in between. You can find great drink specials in Houston everyday of the week. If you know of one that isn’t on here, let us know!

Cool things to do in Houston

Funeral history, the Buffalo Soldier Museum, helicopter tours, awesome art galleries, wineries, concerts, and just about anything else you can think of. There are so many cool things to do in Houston that is hard to keep track of all of them. Check out some of the cool things to do in Houston, and let us know if you know something we should add!

Live music Houston

Although the lesser Texas city that’s trying to be Portland may be the Live Music Capital of the World (and for good reason), you can find live music here in Houston pretty much everyday of the week! From global superstars to local open mics, and everything in between, there is live music in Houston for everyone! Plus this is the home of Pimp C. RIP.

Axelrad Beer Garden

Axelrad is one of the coolest spaces in Houston! Their indoor space isn't huge but they've an impressive dog-friendly outdoor area where they host a number of events from live ...

Christians Tailgate

With 5 Houston area locations, Christian's Tailgate is a great sports bar with even better weekly specials. Steak nights, $1 mimosas, KARAOKE, and much more! Come in to check out ...

Town in City Brewing

If you're looking for craft beer in the Heights, stop by Town in City and get a taste of the oldest brewery in the Houston Heights! If you're really into ...

Avant Garden

Live music, poetry, dancing, great drinks, are just some of the things you can find at Avant Garden on any given night of the week. Avant Garden is one of ...