Houston nightlife

Houston Nightlife

Houston has loads of things going on every night of the week! Here we’re covering karaoke, trivia, and dancing! Take a look below at all of the different places that you can go to sing and dance the night away! Or answer trivia questions, if that’s more your speed. Unless you prefer staying in, or don’t have the budget to go out, there is no reason you have to sit at home. This is the fourth largest city in the country! Houston nightlife is fantastic!

Karaoke Houston

There is so much opportunity to karaoke, Houston Literally everyday of the week you can find a spot and sing some tunes with your friends. Private rooms, a stage in front of a bunch of strangers, or a smattering of bars that host karaoke nights in Houston every day of the week!

Trivia Night Houston

Feeling smart? I’m not, typically. If you are, however, there is a trivia night in Houston every day of the week! Grab some friends and find a spot close by and you can test your wits against whomever else is there. Alternately, you can go by yourself. I’ve done that and had to leave before getting embarrassed.

Dance Houston

Sometimes you just need to forget your troubles and dance the night away. Houston is a great place for that. With no shortage of clubs or live music, just about any night of the week you can dance, Houston. Do you have two left feet? Could you not hold a beat if you had a bucket to do it in? Well if you need lessons, we’ve got that too! Get out there and dance, Houston!